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Exit Planning

Exit planning is not just a plan. It is a strategy rooted in execution that grows your value while expanding your options so that you can transition your business on your terms when you are ready. It aligns your business, yourself, and your financial needs. A Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) educates you on all of your exit options and enters an engagement with an exit-option-agnostic perspective as to truly serve your diverse needs. CEPAs collaborate with a seasoned multi-disciplinary team of professionals to support your success and use each other’s specialties and expertise to the benefit of the project.

The Value Acceleration Methodology™ is your strategic framework for executing exit planning. It is the value management system that makes the timing of an exit irrelevant. Exit planning is laser-focused on what you can do right now to grow the value of your business and drive income. Forget the future. Focus on today. By focusing the approach on building a business with characteristics that drive value and integrating your personal and financial objectives into it now, there will be many options to exit on your timeline and terms.

Exit planning is a community, not a competition. Collaboration among advisors and partners is critical when helping you build transferable value while aligning your business, personal, and financial goals. CEPAs are united around one core methodology and process. We believe in one organizing principle and we share common goals. It is not a one tool fits all marketplace or solution. Good exit planning allows for the integration of many. Through these collaborative and industry-leading partners, CEPAs are able to effectively execute Value Acceleration with you and drive results. These partners, a part of our Exit Solutions Marketplace, provide us with delivery and assessment tactics and tools, project and engagement management systems, marketing solutions and strategic advice, revenue generating opportunities, educational platforms and content, and a set of unique expertise to effectively engage you in exit planning. Through this powerful community, we are changing the outcomes for business owners.

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