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2018 NYC Bus Trip

Saturday, December 1, 2018 to New York City

Date: Saturday, December 1
Time: we will depart Sequinox parking lot at 7:15am
we will depart NYC at 6pm,
arrival times are not known or guaranteed
Drop off location: between 52-54th street and 8th (also not guaranteed)
Cost: $20 each person, maximum of 2 guests per household, to be paid in cash the morning of event
other facts:
This is a opportunity for our clients to enjoy the city without the stress of driving and parking. You are free to spend the day as you like.
You may leave personal belongings on the bus, it will be locked off-site. It is not recommended you leave anything of any value and Sequinox is not liable for anything lost or stolen.
We will have one quick rest stop along each way. This will not be enough time to eat a meal.
You may not get on the bus prior to the 6 pm pick up time; the bus will be off site.
You may leave your personal vehicle parked in the Sequinox parking lot during the trip.
We have limited seating available for this trip, email early to reserve your seat!
RSVP using the the email you received or christine@sequinox.com
Reservations are held on first come, first serve basis.
We hope you enjoy!
Joe and Mike